I’m trying this again hoping i can attract interest this time. So if you are interested, note me or comment.

(Please reblog if you think you know people who would be interested)

Unless the workload is too much for what is being charged, these are the prices for the time being.

A simple sketch will be 5$
Linart will be 10%
Linart + simple coloring, 15$
And a refined piece will be 25%

Full bodied pictures will be 5 additional dollars onto whichever section you Choose.
And the background will be something simple.


For pixel art however-

 i have no fixed price, as what i do with it varies drastically, so if you are interested in it now, prices can vary greatly with what is being asked, and obviously, a gif will cost much more than a still single framed image.

So if you are interested in that for an icon, profile pic, gif, etc, contact me.

If movement is it involved, then it should be simple or minor.


For more examples of my pixel art, you can view my gallery, My more recent art at the time of posting this has been pixel art

If you find anything interesting, dont hesitate to message me with any questions


2017-09-14 12:12:37 by gatekid3

Exceeding 100  followers!?

I am glad my art is or was liked enough to earn this many followers. Thank you all


I still plan on doing commissions. So if you are curious about anything, please dont hesitate to message me.
Have a lovely day.


2017-04-12 20:40:14 by gatekid3

Hello! This is my first time actually doing something like this, and because of that I do not have an idea of how long commissions will be open for. This will hopefully allow me to gauge interest, adjust where necessary, and improve.

Sketches 5$*

Line art only 10*

Base color 15*

Full pieces (cell shaded and/or freely shaded) 25$*

* Prices can vary slightly depending on particular elements. For example:

An bust shot icon would obviously cost less than a full body picture
complex backgrounds, multiple characters, etc, would add on to the pricing.

**Message me for any questions you may have.**

Thank you for your time
Have a lovely day


2017-02-13 01:58:41 by gatekid3

Are there people who would be intereasted in commissions from me?

I want to know if there is interest while im stll thinking about the specifics.

SPEEDPAINTS (say whaaaat)

2016-11-19 15:41:47 by gatekid3

In case you didnt know, i have a youtube channel, and i started posting things! For now, my content is limisted to speedpaints, and animations when they are completed.

I hope I can make more content moving forward.

3.87 stars

daily 4th

2799 veiws!!

I thank everyone who has watched, liked, commented on and shared my current longest animation (i consider it my first real animation)

im so glad it was so well received 


Getting somewhere

2015-04-19 13:28:10 by gatekid3

Perhaps i was being too ambitious.

I finally have part of an animation.

im not posting it here becuase last time i posted something unfinished it was criticized.


2014-08-27 21:29:53 by gatekid3

SHORT AND SWEET. i want to make an animated series, and im trying to get talent on bored, im so ecited or this.


Also- Tumblr