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gatekid3's News

Posted by gatekid3 - January 23rd, 2024

Happy Pixel Day. 

First thing I want to put in this post is I realized this would be a really appropriate time to point to a thing I'm a part of. Signal boosting and all that.

I'm working on Resonance: Rhythm in you, A rhythm RPG. We have a demo build that's out. The music is amazing.


You can try it on Itch

If you try the demo any feedback would be nice.


Rats Rats Rats

I had multiple ideas planned but realized the scope would kill me in between work stuff, but I do plan on working on some of them in the future. At least I got the rat done. I'm happy with how it came out. I enjoy making music, and it's also helps me mentally block out an animation.

There's something satisfying about this tiny rat, so I want to do more rat things.


It feels odd to realize how many Pixel days it's been. I wasn't active for the first 3 and there was one I had to skip. A pretty bad thing happened the night before and I was crunching on my entry and cutting corners to the point I started not being happy.

Pixel day does make me happy though. Pixel Day was the first time I tried to make a song and animation together.

I made another post saying this, but I really want to get a lot more art and music done this year. I have so many idea's and I really want to improve as an artist. I'm extremely antsy right now and want to do it all. Wish me luck.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art.

And even if I don't respond to everything I appreciate replies and the kind things people say.



Posted by gatekid3 - January 18th, 2024

I've been pretty absent for a bit. I haven't made a lot of personal art which makes me upset. I hope to return to form but it's really hard to balance everything right now and I still don't know how to prioritize.

I hope this year I'll be able to post a lot more art, music, and animation.

I've been posting a lot to YouTube as shorts. I got to 100k subscribers (neat), but I never liked posting that stuff to Newgrounds which is why I only posted 3 of my Undertale videos. They feel too unoriginal to keep posting here even if Undertale music is generally pretty safe to use. I tried to mainly keep my NG animations original with music made by me, but I haven't finished a new idea in a bit. Hopefully that will change soon as well.

Pixel day Is happening again and once again I have been massively procrastinating, so we will see what that turns into.

Newgrounds has done a lot for me though and I want to continue to post stuff I make here. Wish me luck.



Posted by gatekid3 - May 18th, 2022

My art has been so slow it's bugging me. I'm working on a bunch of stuff so I'm not fully stagnant, but Im not doing a whole lot of posting which just feels bleh.

Working on something I might be able to upload soon so that's cool


Also new Adina art just dropped


Basically, I've done a lot of art for Lumena-tan. I've done art for several Pokemon, Deltarune, and FNF videos

Ive been doing a lot of small freelance stuff

My Ko-fi Exists. I sometimes open Commissions through it. I try to post things here first, as well as posting most commissions I've done there. Feel free to donate and throw money at my face so I can upgrade my computer. Or you can just follow. Follows are nice.

I helped work on a Maplestory ad... which is kind of cool. I did some of the shots. Not super happy with it, but that just means I want to keep improving.

As for general life things, my life is pretty boring. I mainly do the same thing every day. I think I'm pushing through burnout and probably need to take a break soon before I completely shut down. MAYBE.

I also want to look into mental health stuff. I've been suspecting I have ADHD for a long while and I want to figure out more I can do, So that's fun

That is all. Stay cool.

Happy Wooper Wednesday



Posted by gatekid3 - January 25th, 2022

To see how the store works I put my pigs on the Ko-fi store for free or for however much. Don't know who would want them, or for what purpose, but they are there. feel free to use them. My only thoughts are for animated profile things or twitch alerts.

I might do this with more of my old gifs, but I don't think many of them would work for something like this, maybe the pokemon ones, beyond that I'm not sure. Let me know if you think of any that do.





Posted by gatekid3 - January 13th, 2022

I want to try to come back swinging this year. Last year really left me winded I had an idea I really wanted to do but I rushed it to the point where I no longer liked it and kinda scrapped it. Hopefully the same thing doesnt happen this year and I'm happy with what I make.



Posted by gatekid3 - May 24th, 2021

How does one get into a game jam. Ive been interested in collaborating and doing more projects but i never know how to move forward.

It sounds like it one of thoe things you jut dive into but i'm at a complete loss at how to find people to work with on stuff like that .



Posted by gatekid3 - April 24th, 2021

I have a Ko-fi. If you would like to support me and the Jank pixels I do you can by following me, sharing my art, or giving me money so I can real food like corn. Not the canned kind. REAL CORN.

But you might ask "What's in it for me?"

I mean... not much, but little makes me feel good. so that's nice.

If you support me and leave a question/Dm, ill definitely responded to it (But I usually try to respond to stuff anyway)

I posting things there first as well as going to post commission stuff there rather than o all sites (Unless I really like one of them.)

The occasional WIP, but I'm bad at remembering to share the process of stuff.

You can also commission me for an icon there, so that's cool. Full-on animated commissions are a bit more complicated, so you gotta reach out individually for that.





Posted by gatekid3 - January 24th, 2021

My pixel day entry isn't done. which makes me sad. I feel like I've done a lot of planning to make sure id be working on it enough to get it done. I even spent last night through today working on it nonstop and its still had so much more that i needed to do than I thought. Kind of makes me feel like a failure. And now i did so many last minute rushed things to the point where it kind of hurts a little to look at it. I don't know if I'm just going to keep pushing till it's done in whatever state. slow down and try to fix everything, or just let it never get finished since pixel day was kind of the main motivation. I know only a handful of people probably cared I didn't have anything to post, and I'm sure no one really cares that it's late and would look at it whenever it's done, but I do feel bad still.

I'm happy to see the amount of movie entries this year at least.

And all the pixel art is amazing to see as well.

Pixel day is nice



Posted by gatekid3 - April 5th, 2020

Pixel art or animation Commission

If anyone's ever interested in commissioning me for stuff feel free to Dm me and discuss details.

I do animated stuff and non animated stuff so just let me know what it is you are looking for.

For the most part you can see what i can do from my gallery.



That is all




Posted by gatekid3 - September 1st, 2019

I am willing to take commissions if anyones interested. It could be pixel art drawn or animated.

The price varies depending on what is requested. Drawn work depends on the size but expect a range of $20-40 (USD),


animated work I usually do within 100x100 pixels and dont really have a range, but expect $50+.


I accept payments through Paypal

Send me a message with any questions or requests.