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Drawing, Pixel, and Gif Commissions

Posted by gatekid3 - October 1st, 2017


I’m trying this again hoping i can attract interest this time. So if you are interested, note me or comment.

(Please reblog if you think you know people who would be interested)

Unless the workload is too much for what is being charged, these are the prices for the time being.

A simple sketch will be 5$
Linart will be 10%
Linart + simple coloring, 15$
And a refined piece will be 25%

Full bodied pictures will be 5 additional dollars onto whichever section you Choose.
And the background will be something simple.


For pixel art however-

 i have no fixed price, as what i do with it varies drastically, so if you are interested in it now, prices can vary greatly with what is being asked, and obviously, a gif will cost much more than a still single framed image.

So if you are interested in that for an icon, profile pic, gif, etc, contact me.

If movement is it involved, then it should be simple or minor.


For more examples of my pixel art, you can view my gallery, My more recent art at the time of posting this has been pixel art

If you find anything interesting, dont hesitate to message me with any questions

Comments (5)

Think you could animate/draw Doomguy riding a somewhat new rendition of the NG tank, looking to the side so he looks somewhat like my profile pic? :) Wonder what price you'd put on that? Doesn't need to be particularly big/long, just a seamless loop I could use as intro for animations and such.

I don't really think i could accurately portray doomguy with how i do pixel art... i also dont know how well i could animate a tank... alot of uncertainty would be involved...

Correction: avatar, not profile pic. Would be great with a grin/animated expression too, like you seem to do for most of your sprite work. Where the whole character feels 'alive'.

Hmm something for the future maybe? The pixel work you've done so far is some of the best I've seen here, especially with animation. So yeah, if you ever do feel up for the task I'd be happy to commission that (if price is right, o' course)! ;)

If no other idea comes to mind later on...

if i feel up to it i will definitely reach out. Also Im by no means one of the best on this site XD

Sounds good. Also don't underestimate yourself! :P There are some real masters of the pixel craft indeed, but few that add in animation too! It's a whole new level!

Ahh, if I see anyone looking for some pixel work, I'll send them your way.

Much appreciated.